Pimple on lip: Causes and Treatment of this annoying spot

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pimple on lip

Many people confuse the cold sores with pimple on lip. The pimples are not sores at all. These appear on the edge of the lip and around the lips. If you want to know the difference between the cold sore and a pimple, then know the pimples hurt and the cold sores might not hurt that much.  Pimples are painful to touch; the cold sore is not painful. Cold sores can itch or cause a burning effect.

What are pimples?

The pimples are like small balls filled with pus or oils. The pimples on lips are formed only when the dead skin cells and the oil get stuck in the hair follicles on the edges of the lips. Once this happens, the pimples are formed, and they are reddish in color. It is not necessary that the pimples are always reddish, they can be white also. The white ones are more filled with pus than the red ones. No matter what kind of a pimple you have, make sure that you get the treatment for it.

The pimples need proper care

The pimples need proper care. The lips if not taken care once the pimples are gone, will take no time to reemerge. The oil and the effects of the pimples are still there. So if you do not want the pimples to affect you again, make sure that you keep your lip clean and out of harm’s way.

Can pimple on lip spread?

The answer to this question is that the pimples and the effects can spread. If you touch your hands with the pimples and then, in any case, it gets in touch with other people, they might develop pimples too. The virus that causes pimples is contagious and can spread by kissing, oral sex, sharing towels, razors and other eating utensils. So, you need to be careful.

A pimple on the lip can get worse if you

  • Have acne that runs in family
  • Do not remove the makeup that you put on at night, the ingredients of makeup are not good for skin health at all
  • There are a few medications which make pimples even worse such as corticosteroids
  • The pimples can get rapid formation during the puberty years
  • Are stressed, it will also cause pimples to form and get worse

How to treat a lip pimple:

  • Use a mild soap to wash your lips
  • Benzoyl Peroxide can be used to treat acne or any pimple on any body part or face. It is the most efficient treatment for pimples on lips.
  • Ice is also the one of the best things to treat pimples. One can use the ice cube on to that affected area of the body or face.
  • Because of being an acidic and citric in nature, Lemon Juice is also a solution for treating pimples and acnes on any part of the body. This juice has the antibacterial property which helps in fighting with the bacterias.
  • Taking a lot of water daily helps in flushing out the toxins inside the body, Water also helps in cleansing the body and it’s every part.
  • If you have a pimple on lip , then you should avoid lip glass or lipstick because they have some bacterial substance which can deteriorate lip.
  • Always use oil free sunscreen
  • Always remember to remove any makeup that you have before bed
  • Eat green leafy foods
  • Keep your face always clean and never let the oil build up

Make sure that if you have lip pimples and the problem is persisting, you see a doctor. Consult a physician if the pimples are not treated in a few days. Usually there is not much effort needed to treat a pimple, they go away easily without a treatment. But if the problem is still there, make sure that you get it solved.