Do black people get lice?

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do black people have lice

Do black people get lice? A misconception

There is a very big misconception about the African and black people about lice. It is said that due to their hair style and hair type they do not have lice. African black people do not have lice. It is a misconception and a fake report. According to the researches of the doctors and the medical experts and biologists, they say that the lice do not care about the hair. The insects that feed on the human blood will surely not care what hair style it is or what hair type it is.  In fact, you will be astonished to hear that the human lice that we have today, originated from Africa. So the simple answer to the question do black people have lice is, yes.

The truth about lice in black people:

The truth however is that the African people have fewer lice than Asian or an average European. The lice like to live in the hair that is thick and long so that they can hide. The African hair is not thick nor long, so but is difficult for the lice to live there. But it does not mean that African people do not have lice.

Many people also think that African hair is resistant to lice. It is also not true at all. There are many instances where you will see that African people get lice.

The lice sticks on the hair strand no matter, it is long or short. The lice are small microscopic insects which can be seen by the naked eye but with great effort. The lice live on the scalp and when they sense any danger they cling on to the hair. This is the reason that as many people think black people do not have hair, they do. Lice do not care whether the person is black or white, hair is think or thin, the hair is long or short, the only thing that the lice care about is a place to hide and feed on the blood. According to the research done by Head lice center in America, states that the black people get lice just like any other person on earth.

The lice crawl and cling on to the hair of the host. They do not have the brains to choose the white over the black. All they care about is the blood and a healthy host. They will leave the person only if the blood is strong enough to repel them, or in any case they find a bald host the head lice cannot jump or fly but they can only crawl. So the only way a person can get head lice is y physical contact. There are many surveys and studies also, that show the African black kids get 0.3 percent lice as compared to the white kids who get 10.4 percent lice. The reason that black people have few lice is that, their moms are more cautious about them getting lice than an average white mom.